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Nomago, the largest mobility and travel provider in Slovenia with branches in Croatia and Italy, is a new brand with 90 years of tradition. It was founded in May 2018 as a merger between established travel and transportation companies. Today, Nomago unites more than 650 buses on 500 scheduled routes that can transfer more than 10 million passengers yearly. The company has expanded its focus beyond the roads and is now offering full travel and mobility service – from airport transfers, flights, accommodation, travel insurance, travel packages to charter buses and VIP transfers. With a customer-centric approach and by addressing the needs of individual travelers, companies and government institutions the group sold almost half a million flights and gained the trust of over 200,000 satisfied individual customers. As one of the largest transportation companies in the region, Nomago strives to be sustainable, ever expanding its fleet with modern and eco-friendly buses, and encouraging everyone to use public means of transport.

At Nomago, we believe every customer deserves a listener, someone who understands their needs and has a personal experience with the product they are selling. This aspect will remain a core value within the entire Nomago family, keeping in mind that despite employing the latest technologies, long-lasting, meaningful relationships are still at the heart of everything they do.




Nomago public buses can drive you to many smaller and larger cities. During high season additional buses are added to the timetable. The routes that might interest you the most are:

    • From Ljubljana to Bled, where the famous Lake Bled and Bled Castle are located. BOOK TICKET
    • From Ljubljana to Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city. BOOK TICKET
    • From Ljubljana to Postojna, where you can visit Postojna Cave Park and Predjama Castle. BOOK TICKET
    • From Ljubljana to Koper, a coastline city with a medieval old town center. BOOK TICKET

For additional routes visit Nomago web page or call +386 1 431 7777.

 The search is only available in Slovene, please contact Nomago’s call center if you have any questions: +386 1 431 7777.



You can find all Nomago bus routes HERE.

 The search is only available in Slovene, please contact Nomago’s call center if you have any questions: +386 1 431 7777.



Nomago offers shuttle transport from nearby airports to Ljubljana and vice versa.



Connections to Ljubljana city center: Venice Airport, Treviso Airport
Airport connections from: Ljubljana bus station, Ljubljana Dolgi most, Šempeter pri Gorici
Daily direct transfers, most comfortable buses with unlimited free Wi-Fi and power outlets. Choose between Economy class, Family class – with facing seats across a table and discounted fares for children, or Premium class – with extra leg room and the most comfortable seats in the business. Book your ticket HERE.



Connections to Ljubljana city center: Trieste Airport
Airport connections from: Ljubljana bus station, Ljubljana Dolgi most, Nova Gorica, Šempeter pri Gorici.
Regular and reliable transfers, every day. Book your ticket HERE.



Connections to Ljubljana city center: Ljubljana airport
Ljubljana airport connections from: Ljubljana bus station or arranged pick up in Ljubljana city area and its suburbs.
Hourly transfers, every day. Book your ticket HERE.



Nomago brings you carefully and safely to the final destination.

With Nomago you can go on a journey or excursion around Slovenija and abroad, to cultural or other events, transport to the desired destination (airport, harbor, bus or train station) and other transportation adapted to your wishes.

A trustworthy transporter, who will bring you to your destination on time, relaxed and without worry. What is being done by Nomago diligent, professionally trained drivers and a modern and regularly maintained fleet. The vehicles are suitably equipped for all types of transport, while passengers are accidentally insured.


Bus transportation
Confirmed good buses for new adventures!

Possibility to rent 19-seater mini busses, up to 63-seater buses. They also offer deluxe comfort with the rental of luxury buses.

  • excursions around Slovenia
  • transport from place to place
  • transport to the airport, port, bus or train station
  • transport adapted to your needs

To rent a bus, visit the website: or call +386 1 431 7777.

The search is only available in Slovene, please contact Nomago’s call center if you have any questions: +386 1 431 7777.

Van transport
For smaller groups, anywhere with the Nomago van!

Transportation of small groups, which wants to go on a journey, to visit another place or for a private or business trip. The option of transportation with a 7/8-seater van with high-standard, which offer a pleasant, safe and comfortable ride. Drivers will bring you safely and comfortably wherever you want. They provide flexibility, care, professionalism, and comfort.

To rent a van, visit the website: or call +386 1 431 7777.

** The search is only available in Slovene, please contact Nomago’s call center if you have any questions: +386 1 431 7777.

VIP transport
Transportation for special occasions!

They offer the possibility of transport with 3-seater high-standard vehicles that provide a pleasant, safe and comfortable ride.

  • private transport for most demanding – accurate, safe and luxurious arrival at the destination
  • business and private transport – carefree, timely and discreet to the important destinations
  • transport to the airports – Venice (Marco Polo and Treviso), Trieste, Zagreb, Vienna and Graz

Nomago drivers bring you safely and comfortable to the desired destination. Transportation is planned to the minute, is reliable, accurate and with the highest standard.

Send inquiry for transport on e-mail:



Nomago offers accessible flight tickets for all airline companies and destinations. It has access to special prices and offers that cannot be found elsewhere. Nomago’s agents can advise you and help you with additional services such as extra luggage, flight changes and cancelations, flight insurance and other.

Book your flight now at:



Nomago Travel helps people realize their travel plans. They are experts in organizing individual trips and take care of all travel aspects. Their experienced travel agents can book you affordable flight tickets, airport transfer, rent-a-car, travel insurance, local guided tours, visas etc. Travel agents are passionate about travel and have all together visited more than 120 countries around the world.

Nomago Travel also provides services to business travelers from more than 50 bigger companies, associations and civil service. Each business client gets its own personal agent, who is in charge of organizing the whole business trip.

Check out Nomago Travel::



Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. It is geographical, political, scientific, economic, administrative and cultural center of Slovenian nation and most important economic center. It was at the crossroads of Germanic, Romance and Slavic people, their languages, customs and traditions. [_Read more_]

Maribor is city in north-western part of Slovenia and is, after Ljubljana, second biggest city of the country. The city is cultural, university, economical, sport and fair center of this part of Slovenia. It is located next to the river Drava and is on the juncture of five regional units. [_Read more_]

Slovenia has only one island, but its uniqueness makes it more attractive. With its charm was, for centuries, a symbol of the town in which turists from all over the world like to return. This place, which exists for thousands of years, is Bled. It is one of the oldest and beautiful tourist places in Slovenia. [_Read more_]

City Koper is the city of hundreds of suns, which adorn medieval Venetian palaces. Here, the sun heats the lagoon of Škocjan Inlet with hundreds of bird species, Kraški rob and world famous climbing sites. It is the oldest Slovenian city, which is also most overlooked for his own peripheral appearance. [_Read more_]