National government of Slovenia

Ajdovščina government or National government of Slovenia

Ajdovščina government, also historical name for second Slovenian government, was established in Ajdovščina on May 5th 1945 under the name National government of Slovenia. It was established by Yugoslavian and Slovenian revolutionary elite, despite that members were also individual ministers from bourgeois parties, with that was also indirectly proclaimed Slovenian state in Primorska. Named government was already being created throughout the national liberation struggle in the frame of new or second Yugoslavia. This political act counts as proclamation of Socialist republic of Slovenia in the frame of the so-called new Yugoslavia, but at that time it had no name yet. In the time of the proclamation of Ajdoviščina government the territory on which they proclaimed it was still formally under Italy, but with proclamation the new government clearly expressed their demands for annexation of the territory into Yugoslavian state.

Boris Kidrič – founder and prime minister of first Slovenian government

Ajdovščina government consisted of: prime minister Boris Kidrič, deputy prime minister Marijan Brecelj, minister for social work Vida Tomšič, minister for transport Franc Snoj, minister of the interior Zoran Polič, minister of justice Jože Pokorn, minister of culture Ferdo Kozak, minister of finance Aleš Bebler, minister of industry and mining Franc Leskošek, minister of agriculture Janez Hribar, minister for business and wood industry Tone Fajfar, minister for health Marjan Ahčin, minister of trade and supply Lado Vavpetič and minister of construction Miha Kambič. First Slovenian National government was established on October 29th or 31st 1918 in State of Slovenians, Croatians and Serbs.


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