Municipality Škofljica

Flag of municipality Škofljica
Flag of municipality Škofljica

Municipality Škofljica lies in the central part of Slovenia. It covers the far southeastern edge of the Ljubljana Marshes with indentiations, Želimlje valley and hilly part of from Orle and Molnik, which rises towards Vrh nad Želimljami to the foot of mountaing St. Ahac above Turjak. On the north borders to municipality Grosuplje and on the west to municipality Ig. In terms of size is considered as smaller municipality, however it belongs to the most developed municipalities.

In center of municipality intersect primary and secondary traffic flow. Here also intersect automobile, freight and rail traffic. Geographically municipality Škofljica is divided into two parts – planar, which mostly covers the marshes, and hilly hinterland.

Places in municipality Škofljica: Brezje above Pijava Gorica, Dole at Škofljica, Drenik, Glinek, Gorenje Blato, Gradišče above Pijava Gorica, Gumnišče, Klada, Lanišče, Lavrica, Orle, Pijava Gorica, Pleše, Reber at Škofljica, Smrjene, Škofljica, Vrh above Želimlje, Zalog at Škofljica, Želimlje.


travel-slovenia-skofljica-municipality-viewMap of municipality Škofljica
On the map you can see the border of municipality Škofljica and all the places that belong under it, including roads (main and side), hamlets, hills and mountains. To view the map in full size, just click on the image on the left or on the link to open it in another window. [_See the map_]

Škofljica is a settlement in the municipality of Škofljica, in direct vicinity of Ljubljana Marshes. It is a roadside settlement and municipal centre along the road Ljubljana – Kočevje and along the railway Ljubljana – Metlika. Settlement was developed at the crossroads towards Ig, Kočevje and Ljubljana. [_Read more_]

Lavrica is a stretched dormitory settlement in the municipality Škofljica. It is fairly elongated and urbanized suburban settlement on the edge of the Ljubljana marshes. The core of the settlement is located besides the old main road Ljubljana – Novo mesto. In this area the highest hill Molnik is located. [_Read more_]

Lanišče is scattared settlement above northeast slough of Ljubljana Marshes. It is located in the municipality Škofljica. Only a kilometer from city Škofljica, under the highway in direction Ljubljana – Višnja Gora, on southern slope of the hill, behind which rises Molnik (582 meters). [_Read more_]

Lisičje is a hamlet on the hill in the municipality Škofljica, in direction northwest from the village Lanišče. In the hamlet is famous mansion Lisičje, which got his name from the settlement. To the hamlet or mansion we have a nice walk from Škofljica between meadow, with a views of the surroundings. [_Read more_]