Miha Arih

Mihar Arih – Mihol

Miha Arih was a Slovenian mountain climber and partisan, who was born on September 17th, 1918, he died on February 9th, 1944 in Podkoren.

Miha Arih was born to a farm family, to the father Jože and mother Neža, born as Oman. He was known under the nickname Mihol. In Hrušica he worked as a carpenter in an iron carpentry workshop. He also worked in Jesenice ironworks and in Bosnia. He was a mountain rescuer and one of the best winter mountain climbers of his time. He took his Alpine exploits also in winter and directions up to 6th difficulty level. He took the lead directions in Rakova špica (2545 meters), central north cut in Roglica (2547 meters, Dolkova špica). He crossed the direction Škrlatica – Rakova špica.

During the Second World War, he participated in the National liberation struggle (NLS). His path ended, when he was killed by his neighbor when he wanted to break into his house in a partisan supply campaign. He died due to the betrayal of local. They named a lodge on Vršič after him, Mihov dome (en. Miha’s lodge). On his home house a memorial plaque is placed, at the wall of the church in Podkoren is a fenced tombstone. It was brought there by the locals from the place, where activists met during the war.


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