Village Zakojca

Zakojca is a smaller village in the Littoral region, which consists of three hamlets: Doljna vas (en. Lower village), Srednja vas (en. Middle village) and Gornja vas (en. Upper village). It is one of those villages, which belongs among overlooked and poorly known areas. Some places are hidden between mountains, other lies high in the mountains, some are not even marked on the map. All of them have in common peace and tranquility in unspoiled nature.

Zakojca is located high above Baška grapa on the slope of domed Kojca, with a view on mighty Porezen. Here are the forests, ravines, pastures, and cultivated fields, fields and orchards, homesteads and nice people. Zakojca is best known by the birth house of writer France Bevk. The house where he was born, small half stoned-building, half-log building, known as Jernej’s shed, is no longer standing. But the house where he spent his childhood still stands, and it can be viewed, is known as Volar farm. The farm is located in hamlet Dolnja vas.

Roofs of the houses in Zakojca

In the village is a double hayrack with stone inscription Christogram, IHS, the year 1832, and the name Jakob Klousher. In Srednja vas stands the NLS monument, which was unveiled in the year 1951. Zakojca is also a starting point for the ascent to Kojca, Porezen and Zakojška grapa (en. Zakojca ravine), as well as for excursion to Baška grapa (en. Baška ravine).


The name derives from the name of Kojca mountain. It is a fused prepositional phrase that has lost case inflection (for + Kojca, which means, behind mountain Kojca). It refers to the settlement’s location, which is located on the opposite (north) side of the mountain Kojca in relation to other nearby villages on the southern side of the mountain.


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France Bevk
France Bevk was a Slovenian writer, poet, dramatist, translator, editor, and politician, who was born in croft family on September 17th, 1890 in Zakojca. He died on September 17th, 1970 in Ljubljana, he is buried in Solkan. He was the oldest child of eight of village shoemaker Ivan and mother Katarina. [_Read more_]

Bevk’s homestead
Bevk’s homestead, per home at Volar, is located in village Zakojca, more specifically in hamlet Dolnja vas (en. Lower village), where the writer France Bevk spent his childhood and early youth. Homestead was opened ceremonially for visitors in the year 1990, at the 100th anniversary of his birth. [_Read more_]

Kojca is 1303 meters high lookout peak, which is rising south from Baška grapa. An important mountain in this area. From the top opens a beautiful view on Spodnje Bohinjske gore, Škofja loka – Cerkno hills, Snežnik, Golaki and part of the mountains, which are rising above the middle part of river Soča. [_Read more_]