Waterfall Palenk


Waterfall Palenk
Waterfall Palenk

Waterfall Palenk is seen on the right bank of the valley. The waterfall is falling over a broken cliff from height of 78 meters. In the summer it is almost dried up, but after rainfall it changes into a mighty appearance. Above the waterfall there is a narrow gorge with extremely picturesque waterfalls. In winter the waterfall is introducing attractive climbing wall for lovers of frozen waterfalls climbing. Waterfall Palenk is a popular spot for weddings. Waterfall and as well the gorge of Palenk are decleared as a natural monument.


Waterfall Palenk was one of the first classically climbed waterfalls, when in the end of 70’s a craze of iced waterfalls climbing started in Slovenia. Short approach can be measured in minutes. It has many choices of inclination and difficulty, and that ranks it as very popular. It is suitable for climbing at the begining of the season, for mountaineering courses and schools. In fact, it is appropriate for making first steps in the world of ice verticals.

First person who climbed the waterfall was Franček Knez on January 6th 1980.

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