Tomb Stibilj – Vukasović


Tomb Stibilj-Vukasović
Tomb Stibilj-Vukasović

Tomb Stibilj – Vukasović was made in year 1924 in the memory of Stibilj – Vukasović clan, that in Slovenia still has a good repute. It is an incredible story of Janko Stibiel, who joined the rebels in Bosnia as volunteer. He was accepted in the Serbian army in year 1876. In year 1912 he became, as a first Slovenian, colonel of Serbian royal Army of Monarchy Serbia. Colonel Janko Stibiel – Vukasović was, according to the archives from Wien and Beograd, twice condemned to death by Austrian authority because of desertion. Due to this he had to hide.

Colonel Janko Stibiel – Vukasović was appraised as excellent and brave officer, and fort his he became colonel of Serbian armed forces and later colonel of Drave division in Ljubljana.

His descendants were well known in Slovenia, son Milan as fable-writer, daughter Jelena as fighter for alexandrine women in Serbia, son Pavle as academic and expert for protection of plants.

Janko Stibiel – Vukasović presented most important part among Slovenian volunteers. Nevertheless he remained in Serbia, he never broke ties with Slovenia. But just before his death, in year 1923, he wished to be set in eternal rest in his birth Vrtovin.


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Vrtovin belongs among the most elongated counties in Ajdovščina. It is characterised by reminders of the past that locals included into contemporarily life. Vrtovin is a middle sized village, located north of the main road, which runs through Vipava valley. The territory of Vrtovin is pulled in direction north – south. [_Read more_]