The Herman Potočnik Noordung Center of space technologies


Enter the world of infinity – beyond the stars, into the heart of the unknown.

The Herman Potočnik Noordung Center of space technologies (Photo by: Dan Briški)

Center Noordung is located in Vitanje, north-eastern Slovenia, which lies in a basin that is surrounded by the hilly landscape on the slopes of south-western Pohorje and the Karavanke extension. As the name implies, Center Noordung is dedicated to one of the pioneers of space science, Herman Potočnik Noordung. His 1929 book The Problem of Space Travel – the Rocket Engine was an inspiration to many scientists in the development of space technologies, as well as to all those who developed humanities, cultural and other social fields related to space.

The main activity of Center Noordung is the promotion of space technologies and the manifestation of human achievements in space through the interplay of art and high technology. The vision follows the development, placement and marketing of space content in the form of art exhibitions, exhibits and multimedia interactive applications offered to the general public. By connecting and joining the actors from the international community, we also ensure greater visibility of Slovenian and international institutions in the field of space activities.

Currently, Center Noordung is exhibiting:

A great experience for all generations is the Electra VR flight simulator, which allows you the opportunity to experience the feeling of flying by an actual plane. From the height of at least 80 km, you can observe mountains, lakes, seas and experience the feeling of being an actual pilot or astronaut. VR Noordung interactive application allows you to walk around the planets of our Solar System and get to know the Noordung’s HABITAT WHEEL. Space 360 is a unique interactive room with projections that enable interactive discoveries of space in diverse areas, such as the planets of our Solar System, space phenomena (the eclipse of the sun and the moon), and missions such as Voyager and the Hubble telescope.



Distance from Ljubljana: 94 km – Distance from Maribor: 48 km

You can find more information on Center Noordung website: or you can call a phone number +386 (0)40 300 052

You are cordially invited for a visit to space.

Photos: Vanč Pisar and Dan Briški & Miha Matavž


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Herman Potočnik
Herman Potočnik, alias Hermann Noordung, was a Slovenian rocket engineer, officer, pioneer of cosmonautics (astronautics), space flights and technologies, born on December 22nd 1892 in Pulj (today Hrvaška) – Austria-Hungary, he died on August 27th 1929 in Vienna, Austria. [_Read more_]