Temporarily command of XVI. corpus in Vrtovin


Building where the command of XVI. Austria-Hungary command was
Building where the command of XVI. Austria-Hungary corpus was

Vrtovin had an important role during 1st World War, as right in this village the Austrians had for some time the command of XVI. Austria-Hungary corpus. XVI. Corpus was a corpus of Austria-Hungary army, active during 1st World War. In April in year 1917, at that time the command of corpus in Vrtovin, was visited by emperor Karel I.


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Vrtovin belongs among the most elongated counties in Ajdovščina. It is characterised by reminders of the past that locals included into contemporarily life. Vrtovin is a middle sized village, located north of the main road, which runs through Vipava valley. The territory of Vrtovin is pulled in direction north – south. [_Read more_]