Statue of Artur Lokar


Statue of Artur Lokar
Statue of Artur Lokar

The statue of Artur Lokar stands in city park Ajdovščina in the middle of decorated path, between the trees in a peaceful part of the city. It was erected in year 1976, on 50th anniversary of his death. It is a bust statue on a pedestal, made by local artist Veno Pilon. On the right of the statue is city park or People’s garden, which still today carries his name – Lokar avenue.


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travel-slovenia-artur-lokar-viewArtur Lokar
Artur Lokar was born on 12 June 1865 in Ajdovščina, where he died on 15 June 1926. After finishing elementary school Artur Lokar went go Gimnasium in Gorica and Trieste, where he finished hist schooling. He continued his studies in Graz and became a notary. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-ajdovscina-park-viewCity park Ajdovščina
Park Ajdovščina is located next to church of John the Baptist, with Gregorčič street on one side and Lokar avenue on the other. Park has a nice location, with a lot of trees, providing a nice shadow, and with benches to rest. In this little park people can still find some peace and enjoy in the shadow. [_Read more_]