Statue of Anton Trstenjak


Statue of Anton Trstenjak was in Ljubljana uncovered at the memorial ceremony, 100th anniversary of his birth and 10th anniversary of his death. Memorial ceremony and solemn academy were prepared by the Establishment of dr. Anton Trstenjak and City municipality Ljubljana. The statue is located on the house next to Trstenjak’s vine, it is a bust statue, on Trubarjeva ulica 3 (en. Trubar’s street 3). Anton Trstenjak left to younger generations a frighteningly versatile opus of psychological, anthropological, theological and cultural studies. The programme with the formal academy continued in the Slovenian Philharmonic.

Statue of Anton Trstenjak
House where statue is located

At the uncovering of the monument a speech was given by at that time mayor Danica Simšič, president of administration of the establishment of dr. Anton Trstenjak Milan Lovrenčič and director of Institute Anton Trstenjak Jože Ramovš. Programme for the ceremony was provided by actor Boris Ostan, choir Orfej and orchestra Ljutomer.


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travel-slovenia-trstenjak-grape-vine-viewTrstenjak’s vine
Slovenia is is world known also for its vines and wine, the country is divided into 3 wine growing lands: Posavje, Podravje and Primorska. These lands are furthermore divided into 8 wine growing regions. Slovenian vineyards cover around 25.000 ha of area, where 45 species of grapevine grows. [_Read more_]

Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. It is geographical, political, scientific, economic, administrative and cultural center of Slovenian nation and most important economic center. It was at the crossroads of Germanic, Romance and Slavic people, their languages, customs and traditions. [_Read more_]