River Bača


River Bača is a small river in the Southern part of the Littoral region, which springs in the vicinity of settlement Bača pri Podbrdo. It is 22 kilometers long and it shapes 30 kilometers long valley, named Baška grapa. The river flows into river Idrijca near the village Bača pri Modreju and is its last right tributary. The river has a pluvial-nival regime and belongs to the Adriatic Sea Basin. In the pools of Bača, all species of trout live, from the river to Soča trout, from grayling to rainbow trout. The small and beautiful river has a typical blue-green color. Throughout the course of the Baška grapa, it is accompanied and intersect by road and railway. The first three kilometers of Bača are cultivation water for Soča trout. In Klavže, the dam divides the river into two parts, upper and lower part.

River Bača below Grahovo ob Bači
River Bača below Koritnica


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Baška grapa
Baška grapa is 30 kilometers long valley of river Bača, which is trapped between Lower Bohinj mountains (si. Spodnje Bohinjske gore) on the north and Porezen, Kojca and Šentvid mountain and Cerkno hills on the south. Ridges around Baška grapa do not exceed 2000 meters. [_Read more_]

Grahovo ob Bači
Grahovo ob Bači is a nucleated settlement on the south-western slope of Kotel above river Bača. Settlement covers hamlets Brdo, Ravnce, Na Koncu, Postaja, Spodnje Bukovo. The settlement has approximate 200 inhabitants. Grahovo was for the first time mentioned in the year 1377. [_Read more_]

Koritnica is a smaller settlement on the right bank of river Bača in municipality Tolmin and one of six settlements, which are located at the bottom of Baška grapa. The settlement was one of the locations of the shooting of movie On our own land. Koritnica is attested in written sources in 1377 as Coritinicha. [_Read more_]

Bohinj railway
Bohinj railway runs between Jesenice – Nova Gorica – Trieste, in times of Austria-Hungary monarchy it was an important part of railway Prague – Trieste. It is 144 kilometers long, from 717 kilometers long railway. Bohinj railway includes 89 kilometers ob Bohinj and 55 kilometers of Karst railway. [_Read more_]