Monument to the arson V Malnu, Kostanjevica na Krasu


On January 17th, 1944, the Povodni family was denounced, and because of that the German army cruelly abused the locals of the village Kostanjevica na Krasu. They rushed father Jožef, mother Pavla, daughter Marijo with her children and Vera into the mill building and burned it all together. Marija’s husband survived the tragedy, as he was just coming home and managed to hide in time in the nearby barn. Unfortunately, he died a couple of months later.

Monument to the arson V Malnu
The house wehere the arson happened

The inscription on the monument: »In this house, on 17.1.1944, the occupier mined and burned four adults and two children of Povodnik and Urdih family.«


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Kostanjevica na Krasu
Kostanjevica na Krasu (en. Kostanjevica on Karst) is a smaller settlement located on Komen Karst, in municipality Miren – Kostanjevica. Kostanjevica is known as a birth place of academic painter Jože Spacal and writer Igor Torkar. The settlement Kostanjevica na Krasu developed on a steep slope. [_Read more_]