Monument to Anton Mahnič

Monument to Anton Mahnič on the façade of the vestry of St. Daniel

On the façade of the vestry of St. Daniel church in Štanjel is inbuilt monument to bishop Anton Mahnič. Monumnet is the work of Evgen Guštin. Monument was erected at 150th anniversary of his birth and the 80th anniversary of the deat of Anton Mahnič.

The inscription on the monument:
=> dr. Anton Mahnič, Krško bishop
=> A Chatolic intellectual, protector of Old Church Slavic language, professor in Gorica
=> Inscription in the engraving says IN CRUCE SALU, which means There is salvation in the Cross.


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Anton Mahnič
Anton Mahnič was Slovenian theologist, bishop, poet, writer, and critic of Slovenian cultural and spiritual life and editor, who was born on September 14th, 1850 in Kobdilj, in parish Štanjel on Gorica Karst, he died on December 14th, 1920 in Zagreb. Anton finished gymnasium in Gorica. [_Read more_]

Church of St. Daniel
Parish church of St. Daniel is located in the old part of Štanjel, in Gornja vas, and it is visible immediately upon entering through the castle door. The church was built between the years 1455 and 1460 in the place of an older building. It represents one of the key monuments of Gothic architecture on Karst. [_Read more_]

Štanjel is located on the northeastern edge of Karst plateau, it is combined by old part or Gornja vas, which is located on the slope of Turn and newer part or Dolnja vas. It is one of the oldest settlements on Karst, it was written for its old city center. It got its name after the patron of the church, St. Danijel. [_Read more_]