Memorial to the fallen in NLS in Prtovč


Memorial to the fallen

It is public memorial object in village Prtovč. Memorial is in shape of pyramid, made from concrete, with bronze reliefs, which depict wartime life. It contains the names of the fallen fighters and other victims. Memorial was designed by Iva Šubic, who designed diverse relief in base, and Tone Logonder, who designed pyramid above relief. With this memorial they wanted to show all the events, which during national liberation struggle hit the population on this side of Ratitovec.

It was uncovered on the day of fighter, July 4th 1980, dedicated to the NLS fallen locals from the area of Prtovč and Podlonek. Below the names of the fallen is inscription Glory to the victims. Uncovering took place with presence of former fighters, activits, locals and other participants. Festive speech belonged to commissioner of former 31st divison Ivan Frank-Iztok. Memorial was uncovered by commander of that time Upper Carniola detachment Franc Biček-Bruno.

Already before, a modest memorial to the fallen fighters stood in front of the village, but this memorial was too modest atonement for this place and people under Ratitovec, as during the war they sacrificed their selfs and their homesteads. So in year 1977 Commission for historiography NLS made an initiative at Association of fighters NLA (National Liberation Army) to set up a more decent memorial.

The names of the fallen and memorial plaque

In year 1941 the locals started with organised fight against invaders, and in next four years they sacrificed a lot. Every piece of land they carefully cultivated, by giving away what earth offered, they fed themselves, fighters and partisan units, which stayed here or walked by. Place was real partisan base.

Villages Prtovč and Podlonk have very favorable geographical and political location, because of that they established important courier and strategic routes from Upper Carniola to Primorska and back. Because courier connections became more and more frequent, they established courier station G-1. At that time bigger hospital was set up at Ratitovec.

In time of war, village Prtovč suffered a lot, most in November offensive in year 1943, as in that year Germans burned the village. All, except three houses were burned down, as they were saved by high level of snow. Due to bigger partisan visits in Prtovč, they established stage kitchen of Upper Carniola war area. Activits, couriers, fighters of operational units and others got here most urgent food. In spring 1942, before everyone in Selška region, residents of Prtovč and Podlonk organised the work of field detachment of LF (Liberation front).

All the events in the village are symbolized on this memorial, on relief plaque locals are represented, as well as 54-year old Antonija Bernik, who was shot at polish tasks by Germans.


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Prtovč is small mountain village in Upper Carniola, located west of Železniki, with altitude 1008.1 meters and in total with 20 inhabitants. The village stands on a grassy ridge with a view on Kamnik-Savinja Alps and part of Škofja loka-Cerklje hills. Acording to old sources village was also named Prtovič. [_Read more_]