Medieval walls in Slovenj Gradec


Medieval walls

Slovenj Gradec got his city rights before the year 1267, and at that time they surrounded the city with a fortified, in some places still today preserved, wall and with defensive trench. On the eastern side of the city center, behind both churches, is the course of the wall illustrated by the masonry of the preserved foundations.

The wall, together with a trench, was according to the data built somewhere in the 14. century, during the Middle Ages. The trench at first served as a defense of the city. In this period, it was regularly maintained and if needed filled with water. After the end of Turkish and Hungarian sieges, especially in time, when the city overgrew his frames, they started to build outside the walls. At that time the trench becomes an obstacle, which is why they started to intentionally backfill it.

On the church courtyard is the foundation of the younger buildings, which were built on the ruins of the wall. In one of the buildings, during excavations, they found numerous glass containers and molds for pipes. Interesting are three supporters on the inside of the wall – below the middle supporter, they found the older phase of the foundation of the wall, which here turned towards the city. The watchful eye today notices the walls behind Meškova, Ozka, and Cankarjeva ulica. Mansion Rotentun was formed from the former Schulthauzinger tower.

Renovated part of foundations of city medieval wall
Excavation of the wall


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Slovenj Gradec
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