Lisičje is a hamlet on the hill in the municipality Škofljica, in direction northwest from the village Lanišče. In the hamlet is famous mansion Lisičje, which got his name from the settlement. To the hamlet or mansion we have a nice walk from Škofljica between meadow, with a views of the surroundings. The hamlet Lisičje stand on the outskirts of the forest. When visiting the mansion, visitor can take time to easily walk through the neighbourhood.

The board at the entrance in hamlet
The board at the entrance in hamlet

The look on the house in hamlet
The look on the house in Hamlet


Lanišče is scattared settlement above northeast slough of Ljubljana Marshes. It is located in the municipality Škofljica. Only a kilometer from city Škofljica, under the highway in direction Ljubljana – Višnja Gora, on southern slope of the hill, behind which rises Molnik (582 meters). [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-mansion-lisicje-viewMansion Lisičje
Mansion was built in 16th century and was first named Gayerav or Gayerau, which means “Volture glade”. Locals called it after the foxes in the nearby forests, Lisičje, as is called hamlet in which it is located. At the mansion probably once was a mighty park, which was mentioned Glory of the Duchy of Carniola. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-municipality-skofljicaMunicipality Škofljica
Municipality Škofljica lies in the central part of Slovenia. It covers the far south-eastern edge of the Ljubljana Marshes with indentations, Želimlje valley and hilly part from Orle and Molnik, which rises towards Vrh above Želimlje to the foot of mountain St. Ahac. [_Read more_]