Lanišče is scattared settlement above northeast slough of Ljubljana Marshes. It is located in the municipality Škofljica. Only a kilometer from city Škofljica, under the highway in direction Ljubljana – Višnja Gora, on southern slope of the hill, behind which rises Molnik (582 meters).

Main road in village Lanišče
Main road in village Lanišče

The view on surroundings from village Lanišče
The view on surroundings from village Lanišče

The settlement was first mentioned in year 1321. At the end of 13th century Aquileia treasure was found. The center of the village is around ancient Gothic church St. Ursula, the original seat of Šmarje grandparish and is known for its late Gothic frescoes. One of the frescoes of landscapes is also the oldest in Slovenia. In the village many new houses arose. In direction to the North of settlement Lanišče is hamlet Lisičje with the same mansion name from year 1560.


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travel-slovenia-lanisce-zemljevid-viewMap of Lanišče
On the map of Lanišče we can see the arrangement of the roads in this village near Škofljica. Marked is also the church of St. Ursula, which is located in the middle of the village. To view the map in full size, just click on the image on the left or on the link to open it in another window. [_See the map_]

Lisičje is a hamlet on the hill in the municipality Škofljica, in direction northwest from the village Lanišče. In the hamlet is famous mansion Lisičje, which got his name from the settlement. To the hamlet or mansion we have a nice walk from Škofljica between meadow, with a views of the surroundings. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-lanisce-st-ursula-viewChurch of St. Ursula
Church of St. Ursula is located on northern edge of village Lanišče, on the way from Ljubljana towards Grosuplje, north of Škofljica on the top of the small hill. The village and is properly oriented, towards the east. The church is very old, very likely built around year 1000. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-municipality-skofljicaMunicipality Škofljica
Municipality Škofljica lies in the central part of Slovenia. It covers the far south-eastern edge of the Ljubljana Marshes with indentations, Želimlje valley and hilly part from Orle and Molnik, which rises towards Vrh above Želimlje to the foot of mountain St. Ahac. [_Read more_]