Outlier Kuhovnica
Outlier Kuhovnica

Kuhovnica is the hill, also plateau, in the north-west side of the Bled lake. Serepentine path leads us to the top of Kuhovnica (714 meters), where is the vantage point that offers views of the lake, the castle and the surrounding area. With the ascent on Kuhovnica we experience the unspoiled nature of Bled. Everyone who wants something more from the trip, can stretch it with a visit of Ravnica and with return through Stan. The hill is little harder to find, so it is the best to ask the locals for the route.

We start from Kolodvorska cesta and go through railway underpass at residental high-rises, we continue along Aljaževa cesta, left on Razgledna cesta and right on serpentine path to the viewpoint on outlier Kuhovnica. The hill is hard to find, we suggest that you ask the locals to get directions.


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Slovenia has only one island, but its uniqueness makes it more attractive. With its charm was, for centuries, a symbol of the town in which turists from all over the world like to return. This place, which exists for thousands of years, is Bled. It is one of the oldest and beautiful tourist places in Slovenia. [_Read more_]