Kojca mountain

Kojca is 1303 meters high lookout peak, which is rising south from Baška grapa. It is most important mountain in this area. From the top opens a beautiful view on the chain of Spodnje Bohinjske gore (en. Lower Bohinj mountains), Škofja loka – Cerkno hills, Snežnik, Golaki and part of the mountains, which are rising above the middle part of river Soča. On the top are a heap of hay, NLS monument, enrollment book, and numerous benches. On the southern side of Kojca rises slightly higher Porezen.

Mountain Kojca shares the name with hamlet Kojca in Bukovo. Hamlet Kojca is the oldest settlement below Kojca and once was the seat of a local parish. Below southeast slope of Kojca, in Ravne pri Cerknem, is Ravne cave.

Heap of hay on the top
Heap of hay on the top

Kojca is known for its legend how a wicked old lady tricked the devil, on the Devil’s edge (si. Hudičev rob). The rock, which buried the deceived devil. Wicked old lady tricked the devil with church bells, as he wanted to seduce her soul, at the same time he found devastation.

Kojca is in general not a very known mountain, it was only mentioned by Andrej Stritar in his book With children to the mountains (si. Z otroki v gore). But this is completely unjustified because her view can be compared with the view of other more known peaks. Many beautifully marked trails lead to the mountain, most of them are not even on the map. The ascent to Kojca is possible in all seasons, it is the most beautiful at the end of May when irises bloom at the top.



Apr 17, 2024 – Wed

Zakojca, SI
wed apr 17
light rain
9/4°C3 m/s, ENE73%753.81 mmHg
thu apr 18
rain and snow
8/2°C2 m/s, NE70%757.56 mmHg
fri apr 19
rain and snow
9/4°C3 m/s, NNE60%760.56 mmHg
sat apr 20
light rain
8/2°C3 m/s, NNE65%759.81 mmHg
sun apr 21
broken clouds
9/0°C4 m/s, NNE36%762.82 mmHg


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Zakojca is a smaller village in the Littoral region, which consists of three hamlets: Doljna vas, Srednja vas and Gornja vas. It is one of those villages, which belongs among overlooked and poorly known areas. Some places are hidden, other lies high in the mountains, some are not even marked on the map. [_Read more_]

Jesenica is a settlement below mount Kojca, northwest of Cerkno in the traditional Littoral region of Slovenia. The total size of the settlement is 3 square kilometers, with a total of around 71 inhabitants. Village Jesenica and Orehek, with houses scattered on the slope of Kojca and Ritovščina. [_Read more_]