Gallus embarkment



Gallus embarkment

Galluss embarkment is located on the right bank of river Ljubljanica, it is known by many Antiques, convenience stores and bars. Embarkment is among popular promenades for Ljubljana residents and tourists. Here we can see the old city houses with renovated antique facades, decorated granite paths give streets medieval flair.

On the area of Galluss embarkment are Shoemaker’s bridge or Cobbler’s bridge and brick stone on which transport runs, where once city mill stood. In this area river Ljubljana is the closest to Castle hump and where riverbed of Ljubljanica is the narrowest.


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Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. It is geographical, political, scientific, economic, administrative and cultural center of Slovenian nation and most important economic center. It was at the crossroads of Germanic, Romance and Slavic people, their languages, customs and traditions. [_Read more_]