First monument to dr. France Prešeren


Monument for dr. France Prešeren
Monument to dr. France Prešeren

Monument dedicated to dr. France Prešeren is first and oldest monument that was raised by Ljubljana Fun Culturual Society in year 1883. It is located in the vicinity of Bled lake under the parisch church of St. Martin. On the monument are carved verses from Baptism on the Savica.

Most of this world belongs to Slavdom’s races;
We’ll find a path to where each blood relation
His trust in faith and justice freely places.

According to Janez Fajfar, Mayor of Bled, the monument was with this verses set up in order to incite Swiss Arnold Rikli, who walked past the monument every day to his swimmingpool. Arnold Rikli was not in favour of the Slovenian language.


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