Cave Dovja griča


Cave Dovja Griča is 9 meters deep and is located in Silent valley (si. Tiha dolina). It is known mainly for the stories that took place near the cave. It represented the refuge to good and less good characters, mostly created by shepherds. The most famous stories are about wild and Dovja men, who are supposed to live in Dovja hump or wild rock, what should the name of the cave its self mean.

Dovja griča, also Nandetova cave, is a horizontal cave, which is geomorphologically subterranean natural value of national importance. The horizontal caves are scarce on Velika planina and are the remains of work of larger surface water flows in the earth’s history. This flows have withdrawn into the underground due to the elevation of the earth’s surface and the permeable ground.


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Velika planina
Velika planina is high mountain mountain pasture and one of the biggest tourist attractions, due to its natural and cultural heritage. It covers more than 500 typical shepherd’s huts, many pastures, forest, dwarf pine and Karst sinkholes. The highest peak of the mountain pasture is Gradišče [_Read more_]