Born’s tunnel


The entry into Born's tunnel
The entry into Born’s tunnel

The area of Tržič and its wider surrounding was and still is covered with forests. The baron family Born was managing these forests, in Jelendol still stands their manor with their coat of arms. On this area, despite difficult terrain, they managed to exploit the woods and consequently attained large wealth. They set up the hell-for-leather path above Tržiška Bistrica through Dolžan ravine.

In time between world wars they were the richest family in the area of todays Slovenia and they were at that time also a victims of Nazi repression. After the war, communist authority took their woods. In 90’s they got them back, so that they are still today active in this area. Born’s created the most interesting technical masterpiece, the Born’s tunnels in Ljubelj. These tunnels were designed exclusively for the access from Ljubelj to excessive mountain hunting grounds on the southern slope of Begunjščica.

Born's window in the middle of the tunnel
Born’s window in the middle of the tunnel

Already centuries old freight path leads to Ljubelj and further to Koroška. The access to the tunnel is in village Ljubelj, above the church of St. Ana. From freight path we must turn here sharply left on marked path that we follow through the forest. The path soon leads us to the entry point into the tunnel. Tunnel is the only path on which we can continue. The eastern slope of Begunjščica consists of one big abyss wall, which blocks the access to the southern slopes and to the mountain pasture Preval. Born’s tunnel is 250 meters long, oval shape and approximately two meters and a half high. It is the opening that simply follows natural cracks in the rock. Tunnel winds here and there throughout the mountain. Here we will not find any evidence of concrete arch or something similar. Somewhere in the middle tunnel approaching to the outer wall of the mountain, where a big rocky window occurred, there opens a beautiful view on Košuta. For a long time now the tunnel is in a good shape, so it presents no danger. It is recommended to use flashlight.

Before world war they saw a military purpose in the tunnel, so they equipped it with bunkers, which were blocking the path to the south. But today it is no longer like that and tunnel is transient and suitable for all visitors.


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The view from the Begunjščica summit is wonderful, because of the hill’s favorable position. We can see Bohinj’s mountains, Martuljek’s group with Škrlatica, Triglav mountain chain, Stol, Vrtača, Košuta, Kamnik-Savinja Alps with Storžič and Ljubljana basin. It is long and narrow mountain ridge. [_Read more_]