Birth house of Hugo Wolf


Birth house of Hugo Wolf

Birth house of Hugo Wolf is located on Glavni trg (en. Main square) in Slovenj Gradec, the facade of the house is adorned by a memorial plaque from the year 1903, in the German language, since the time of death of the great composer, which was removed after second world war. On the facade is also a head monument with his name and years of his birth and death and memorial stone from the year 1960, which was erected by municipality Slovenj Gradec. It is a neo-renaissance building with late classicist gates, which was built by Massineri builders. Until the year 1938, the house was owned by the Wolf family, since 1953 there has been a music school in the house.

Music school operated in the house until its renovation between the year 2010 and 2011, today it houses a memorial museum. There is also a permanent memorial exhibition, placed in the interior of a bourgeois environment from the end of the 19th century. The exhibition presents Wolf’s life and his work through typical periods of his intensive, extravagant, and also tragic life. Special emphasis is on his childhood in Slovenj Gradec and stories about life circumstances in the hometown and family.

In this house, Hugo Wolf, the creator of immortal songs was born on March 13th, 1860. Dedicated to Hugo Wolf. Association in Vienna.

On the ground floor is Hugo Wolf documentation center, with a central archive of Hugo Wolf and works as an international junction and coordination point for numerous Societies of Hugo Wolf around the world. In the building is also a library with a reading room and a smaller audio-video hall, floor higher is a concert hall.

House was owned by Philipp Wolf until the year 1856, after the death of his father and mother in the year 1905, the house goes into the hands of his sister Adrienne Koršič, after the year 1923 to her son Oton Koršič. With a loan document in the year 1932, the house becomes the property of Herbert and Walter Waschnagg, but in the year 1943, the property right was taken from them by German authority. The building was in the year 1950 nationalized and in the year 1953, a music school starts to operate in it, until the renovation of the house in the year 2010.

Hugo Wolf (1860-1903)
In this house, a composer Hugo Wolf was born on March 13th, 1860. Municipality Slovenj Gradec 1960


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Slovenj Gradec
Slovenj Gradec is a seat of the only city municipality in the Carinthia region, at the same time it is administrative, economic, banking, school, information, health, supply, and transport center of the Mislinja valley and wider area of Carinthia. It is also a Slovenian synonym for the cultural center. [_Read more_]

Hugo Wolf
Hugo Wolf, full name Hugo Philipp Jakob Wolf, was Slovene-born world-known composer and music critic. He was born on March 13th, 1860 in Slovenj Gradec, he died on February 22nd, 1903 in Vienna. He was born as a third child into the German-speaking family of a tanner, Filip Wolf and to wife Katarina. [_Read more_]