Slovenian movie Kekec

Kekec is the first Slovenian youth movie, as well as the first Slovenian movie, which received the international award golden lion on the 16th Venetian movie festival in the category children’s movies. It is an adventurous-fairy-tale children’s movie from director Jože Gale from year 1951. It was adapted from the same name story of Josip Vandot, it happens in idyllic village in the middle of Slovenian mountains. Kekec is the first part of a trilogy of Josip Vandot, titles of sequels are Srečno, Kekec (en. Good luck, Kekec) and Kekčeve ukane (en. Kekec’s tricks). Kekec became national attraction. The movie was filmed in black-white technique on 35 millimetre tape, it awaited the release on December 18th 1951.


Bedanec and Kekec

The story takes place high in the mountains, where on one side of them in solitude lives Bedanec, but everyone is afraid of him due to his malice, on the other side lives a good man, grandfather and herbalist by name Kosobrin. Someday Kosobrin meets Bedanec’s maid, who entrusts him, how her life is hard. The old man, despite the fear from Bedanec’s revange, takes Mojca with him. But Bedanec catches them and ties the old man on the tree. Main character of the story is a brave boy by the name Kekec, who has no fear of Bedanec and when he founds out what Bedanec has done, he decides to discover Bedanec’s home. With unbounded courage and cunningness he frees Kosobrin and forces Bedanec to leave these places for ever. Just before his leave Bedanec burns down his cottage. When Kekec returns to his village, he is a hero in eyes of people.


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