Janez Gregor Božič

Alatar, work of Janez Gregor Božič

Janez Gregor Božič, also known as Woshiz, was Slovenian sculptor, who was born in year 1675. His birthplace is not known, he died in Laško on March 13th 1724. Very little is known about Janez, he lived in the time of the Holy Roman empire and the sculptural activity he most likely studied in Klagenfurt, at master M.A. Clauss. Independently he worked mostly in Savinja valley and Posavje. He was a representative of mature Baroque. In his  compositically divergent altars and pulpits, the role of sculpture stands out.

His more important works are in Loka pri Zidanem Mostu, Zagorje, Laško, Studenci, Svetina, Dobje pri Planini and elsewhere. Many of his works are held in Provincial museum Maribor, among them also famous Throne of grace from Svetina.

In Zagorje stands the church of Zagorje mother of God, which altar was in 18th century made by Janez Gregor Božič. Above it reigns much older statue of Mary, surrounded by angels, above her Father God with St. Ghost. In that time he also made a big altar for Parish church of Mary’s Assumption in Šmarje pri Jelšah, but was later replaced by new one.


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