Gregorian day


On 12th March in Slovenia we celebrate Gregorian day, it is a holiday connected with lovers. On this day, according to folk’s tradition, little birds are being married.

According to folk’s tradition, on the day of Gregorian day girls looked up to the sky. The first bird, which was seen by the girl, denounced what kind her husband will be. According to old Gregorian calendar Gregor was known as the bringer of light, who celebrated his name day on first spring day. On this day it was already warm. Saint Gregor was in fact Gregor the Great, born in Rome around year 540. He was considered as an ideal pope and church teacher. When in year 1852 they changed the calendar system from Julian to Gregorian, the holiday moved back, because of that it is celebrated on 12th March and not on the first calendar spring day. Gregorian calendar was named after pope Gregor XIII, and not after Gregor as we could predict. Pope Gregor lived approximately thousand years later. Officially it is also not valid that Gregorian day is celebrated on name day of Gregor, because the Church, in year 1969, moved his name day on 3rd September, on the day of his episcopal ordination. Old name day fall on fast day, which was not the bes, that is the day of his death in year 604 in Rome.

That on Gregorian day little birds are being married is not quite true, namely they are being married also on St. Vincencius day, which is on 22nd January. Carinthia Rozana so say ”On St. Vincentius day birds marry”, in Upper Carniola they say, that they have ”this day birds marry”. Birds are also being married on Valentine’s day, 14th February. For Slovenia it is considered, that little birds are being married on this day, as former spring day. In Upper Carniola they preserved the tradition of lowering of little lightened boats or little houses into the water, which we name Gregorians. According to old customs, on this day of St. Gregor ”light into water throws”. In Kropa this day has a long tradition and it is known from times, when people in life of Kropar’s, which at their work did not need the lamp. With placing the burning objects into small stream we greet the arrival of spring and sun. Kropar’s blacksmiths once on this day forgot to go to work and went to birds wedding reception.

Saint Gregor is the patron of masons, miners, scholars, students, teachers, manufacturers and trimmings. He is also the patron of singers, musicians, choirs and coral singing. He is also acclaimed for the regulation of church singing with Gregorian choral. You can find him depicted on the papal clothing’s, with the episcopal stick, book, writing feather or pigeon.


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