Germans burn down Rašica

Burning Rašica at the back
Burning Rašica at the back

Village Rašica is a nucleated settlement on the sunny slope of the hill Rašica on the edge of Ljubljana field. Hill Rašica is an outlier with highest point on the so called Stane Kosec Top with 641 meters, named after the national hero Stane Kosec, local resident from Rašica. In year 1941 Germans occupied Rašica, due that locals joined national-liberation movement. So on July 24th 1941 in the forest of the hill Rašica, the Rašica company was established. It was active over an area that reached up to Domžale, Kamnik and Kranj. This Partisan movement flourished and on the top of Rašica on August 17th 1941 they established Kamnik battalion. Fighters of four companies have taken the oath: Rašica, Mengeš-Moravske, Radomlje and Kamnik. On September 18th 1941 German commission came to Rašica, on their return the Partisans prepared an ambush. In this ambush all Germans have died.

So on September 20th 1941 German army burned down Rašica, as a revenge for this Partisan attack on German car and the death of six passengers in it. Residents of the village were deported in Bosnia and Croatia. Rašica was the first village in Slovenia to be burned down. The village was rebuilt at the end of Second World War.

Germans on September 27th continued their prosecution of the company, which they surrounded and the day after it was dismissed. But with this terror Germany only temporarily muffled a bigger resistance. During the return home the commissioner Maks Pečar and commander Stane Kosec lost their lives in ambush.


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