Frtalja (it. Frittata, also egg omelet) is a simple Slovene independent rustic dish. It is an egg dish, which is known primarily in Primorska cuisine. In other parts of Slovenia, it is known under the name omelet, kaiserschmarrn or pancake, but frtalja is significantly different from all three. Omelets and pancakes are thin and spread, the kaiserschmarrn is a shredded pancake, but with both dough usually does not contain herbs. Frtalja has a shape of a cake, it measures about 3 centimeters in height, and the dough is mixed with herbs, vegetables or dried meat (sliced sausage or prosciutto). Once, frtalja was somehow a mandatory dish on May 1st (Volčji grad, Temnica), which is related to the superstition that first frtalja drives vipers away. The first frtalja is usually made with fennel.

Today, frtalja represents a part of the catering offer, as they are quickly prepared, juicy, delicious and varied in taste. It can be served at all occasions, as an appetizer in addition to cold cuts or as an independent dish with a sauce or as a side dish next to the roast. Most often, it is used as a substantial snack or as travel ration on longer excursions and hikes.


Frtalja is prepared from whipped eggs, flour, and various herbs and additives. It can be salted or sweetened, depending on the selected ingredients. It is important that the herbs prevail, the eggs and flour are used only as a binder. Herbs must be fresh. When all the ingredients are mixed, frtalja is baked in a high pan in which we preheated grease or oil. During the baking process, it is necessary to rotate frtalja to get a distinctive golden look.


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