France Prešeren

France Prešeren
France Prešeren

France Prešeren is the greatest Slovenian poet, who was born on 3. December 1800 in village Vrba, he died on 8. February 1849 in Kranj. The day of his death is also known as Prešeren day. This day was proclaimed as a holiday in year 1945 by presidency of Slovenian national liberation council; this day has been preserved as a national holiday also in the newly established country. Since year 1991 this day is also not a working day. On central celebration of Prešeren day they give the highest award for achievements in field of artistic creations – Prešeren award.

France Prešeren was born into peasant family in Vrba on Gorenjska. Because the Prešeren farm was distinguished, France could go to school. Initially he studied at his uncle, a priest at Kopanje at Grosuplje. From year 1810 he attended public school in Ribnica and he was as excellent student written into golden book. Two years later he continued hise study in Ljubljana. In year 1822 he enrolled in law school in Vienna. After graduating he returned to Ljubljana and worked as a lawyer. At this time he wrote most of his poems, at which he was directed by his friend Matija Čop. He is the first Slovenian that could be by his quality of writing compared with contemporary poets in Europe, where romantic orientation reigned.

His life path was full of diverse trials, one of them was also unhappy love for Julija Primic, to whom he also dedicated the song Wreath of Sonnets that was written in year 1834. At the same time he also wrote some other love songs. He met Julija Primic in church of Trnovo on 6. April 1833. With poor maid Ana Jelovšek he had three children – Theresa, Emestina and France. Unfortunately, in time of his life he had not received such recognition, as he gets today. In last years of his life he faced with weariness and problems with alcohol, which was a cause of his death.

In year 1844 he wrote poem Toast, which 7th stanza is today Slovenian national anthem. It had to wait until 1848 to be published. In year 1991, Stanko Premrl musicalized the song for chorus.

The poet’s life can be divided into three time periods – the youthful period (1824-1828), mature period (1828-1840) and late period (after 1840). In year 1847 he in Poezije (Poetry) published his favorite poems. His famous songs are: Water man, Lenora, Love sonnets, Gazelle, Wreath of Sonnets, Farewell to Youth, To reputation, Rozamunda from Turjak, Unwed mother, Baptism at the Savica, The Untainted Heart and Toast.


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travel-slovenia-France-Preseren-a-toastSLOVENE NATIONAL ANTHEM
France Prešeren – A Toast
The Toast is a song, that was written by France Prešeren in November 1844. But it wasn’t published till year 1848. In year 1991, Stanko Premrl musicalized the song for chorus and its 7th stanza became a Slovene national anthem. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-a-toast-viewFrance Prešeren – A toast
This song was preserved in at least six records. In collected works of Slovenian poets and writers was in accordance with the rules published last updated authorised publication, the one from Novice (News) and Kranjska čbelica (Carniola bee) from year 1848. However they differ only in accents. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-france-preseren-viewPrešeren day
On 8th February in Slovenia cultural and national holiday is celebrated. Celebrated is the anniversary of death of greatest Slovenian poet dr. France Prešeren, who died in year 1849. At this opportunity happens central national celebration with handing out Prešeren awards for artistic achievements [_Read more_]