Franc Knez or Franček Knez

Franc Knez
Franc Knez

Franc Knez or Franček Knez was born on 15 July 1955. He finished more than 5000 ascent, which includes more than 700 paramount ascents. He joined the expedition with paramount acents in America (El Capitan and Fitz Boy in year 1983 – Cerro Torre and Torre Egger in year 1986) and Himalaya (Lhotse in year 1981). He also climbed many routes in most famous walls of Western Alps, Dolomites and mainly in Julian Alps. Only in north wall of Triglav he climed 34 new directions. He managed to climb the north wall of Eiger in just six hours. He did that in year 1982. He is one of the few climbers, with paramount routes in Matterhorn and Grandes Jorasses, who has left its paramount traces in all ”three probles of the Alps”. On 6 January 1980, he was first to climb the waterfall Palenk. Among climbers, he is considered as one of the greatest Slovenian climbers of all time.


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travel-slovenia-waterfall-palenk-viewWaterfall Palenk
Waterfall Palenk is seen on the right bank of the valley. The waterfall falls over a broken cliff from the hieght of 78 meters. In the summer it is almost dried up, but after rainfall it changes into a mighty appearance. Above the waterfall is a narrow gorge with extremely picturesque waterfalls. [_Read more_]