Fran Ramovš

Fran Ramovš
Fran Ramovš

Fran Ramovš was a Slovenian dialectologist, onomast and linguist, who was born on September 14th 1890 in Ljubljana. He died on September 16th 1952, in Ljubljana as well. Ramovš studied in Wiena and Graz. December 3rd 1919 he had at that time newly established University in Ljubljana his first lecture about Slovenian language, due to which the University today celebrates as its own holiday. He was a professor of Slovenian language and phonetics on Faculty of philosophy in Ljubljana.  He was the Rector of the University of Ljubljana during the years 1934 and 1935. He was also a co-founder and a member of SAZU (Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts). As 4th president of this institution he worked during the years 1950 and 1952. He received Prešeren award in year 1950, for scientific and scientific organization work at Slovenian orthography. After him they named the Institute for Slovenian language – Institute Fran Ramovš. He also became an honorary member of Slavistic Society Slovenia. At the same time, he is the father of Slovenian composer Primož Ramovš.

His works:
Historical dramatics of Slovenian language II, Konzonantizem (1924)
Historical dramatics of Slovenian language VII, Dialects (1935)
Slovenian orthography, which was written in collaboration with Anton Breznik (1935)
About importance of some phenomena in Slovenian dialects in Koroška (1946)
Short history of Slovenian language (1936)
Morphology of Slovenian language (1952)


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