Foundation Beat of humanity

”Every day is a new opportunity for beat of humanity. Feel it with us.”

Logo _LN+FUHThe foundation works in the frame of sustainable development on the field of charity; they promote values of solidarity and help, and in this way they contribute to a better, kinder society and a greener natural environment.

Strategy of foundation
They strive to create better conditions for natural lifestyle in all social segments. They aspire to be more than only socially responsible. They want to raise awareness among people, organisations and others, they endeavour to teach them and encourage them toward healthier, greener coexisting with nature, and in doing so the organisation actively engages their supporters and urges them to listen to the needs and distress of environment.

Values of foundation
Among  the values they give a large meaning mostly to responsibility and respect toward the nature, people and environment we all work in, to trust in social responsibility of companies, organisations and individuals, credibility and reliability of information, nursing of relationships with all participles, stimulation of environmental consciousness.

Good beats
Good beats are humanitarian actions of Foundation Beat of humanity with which they are gathering funds for scholarships of young, cancer patients, from Savinja-Šaleška region. With ambassadors (Iris Mulej, Jure Košir, Neisha, Peter Poles, Žana Povše, Uroš Perič, Jadranka Juras, Boštjan Romih, RK Celje Pivovarna Laško, Andraž Hribar), volunteers and others supporters they plan activities and preparing the before mentioned events all year round.

Wiggle with me
With humanitarian runs Wiggle with me they connect crowds into solidarity and help, at the same time they encourage and raise awareness about the meaning of healthy and active life. They are connected with numerous organisations, institutes and professionals from their region. Runs are intended for recreational and professional runners, hikers, younger and older, children, organised groups and all who love healthy, active and natural lifestyle. In the frame of these events a vibrant programme is offered with rich offers, entertaining socializing, different presentations, tastings, diverse appearances and animations, activities for children and of course good and quality sport-recreational competitions on running-hiking trails of different lengths.

Festival good beats
They connect, encourage, develop. They write new stories, draw new smiles. Also with cultural humanitarian projects they connect wide sets of people into solidarity, they encourage them to practice positive thinking, and they remind them on real values, responsible decisions, genuine attitudes, on healthy successes. They educate and build. They are building a net of joy, creativity, inventiveness. They are building responsible future for a higher quality tomorrow. They help those, who really need their help.

Wiggle and beat with them – for oneself and for young patients.

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