First motorcycle race in Slovenia

First motorcycle race contestants

On the road between Podlipa and Smrečje pri Vrhniki on August 29th 1920 first motorcycle race in Slovenia was organised. In that time the mountain road between Podlipa and Smrečje was ideal track, it was sufficiently strong and clear. By design its self the road was placed among ”old”, due to steep and keen turns. On first motorcycle race 21 contestants gathered, three of them came during heavy rain from Zagreb and two from Cerknica.

Sunny day awaited the contestants in Podlipa, slightly moist macadam road promised pleasant ride, as it did not raise any dust. The spectators of first motorcycle race were enjoying lively speeding on the road, as they have not yet seen so many motorcyclers at the same time. Due to unfamiliar road, the contestants used time before the race to get to know the turns. As all at once were testing the road, it came to accidents in all that chaoss. Before the start five contestants resigned due to engine failure.

The winner in group with motorcycles up to 2,7 KM was Kordan from Cerknica, in group up to 3,5 KM the winners were Satler and Borošek from Zagreb, in group up to 4,5 KM the winner was Barešič from Ljubljana. There was no group four, in group five up to 9,5 KM only one contestant was driving.

The contestants were very impressed over the road and named it Slovenian Semmering, after Austrian pass, known by famous races. Slovenian Semmering was moved in next few years, at first on Vrhnika slope, afterwards in Ljubelj.


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