First elections into European parliament in Slovenia

travel-slovenia-first-EU-elections-Slovenia13th June 2004 Slovenia held the elections into the European parliament for the first time. 461.879 voters gave their voice, which was 28.35% of all rightful voters. For European parliament 7 euro representatives were elected. Triumph went to New Slovenia (si. Nova Slovenija) with 23.57%, followed by LDS and DeSUS with 21.91%, third place went to SDS party with 17.65%. Besides in Slovenia, elections were held for the first time also in other member countries: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Slovakia. All countries were members of the European Union a little more than a month, joined the EU on May 1st 2004.

The Elections into European parliament were held in year 2004, between 10th and 13th June, in all European Union member countries. Structure of the European parliament counted 723 representative places. Most votes, 35.6%, went to European folks party. It’s president was Hans-Gert Pöttering. Ballot papers were counted already the day after the elections, but the results were publicly announced after June 13th. With a purpose, that proclamation would not effect on the course of the elections in other countries.


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