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Journey to space
Multisensory experience

Multisensory experience under the stars

(music, movement, taste)

DATE: 15. February 2020
LOCATION: Center Noordung in Vitanje
TIME: 18:30

ENTRANCE FEE: 18€ | It includes romantic indulgence with a glass of sparkling wine and strawberries in chocolate. You can buy a ticket at the register of Noordung Center.


THE CONCERT OF KATRINAS in co-creation with Andreja (movement) & Tjaša Cepuš (crystal sound)

MUSIC JOURNEY INTO THE SPACE OF LOVE is the multisensory story, which takes us to a journey through music messages. It talks about an individual, who in on a point in his life wakes up and aware that life is much more, as programmed tracking of everyday routines, and is a playful dance of the light and dark, which he must indulge. To feel perfection in imperfection, the beauty of fine pearls, which surrounds him, his integration into space and deep meaning and connection with everything. He realizes that he/she is alone in the space inside. In nature, interpersonal relationships and art, he can find and taste the moments of eternity, where time and space merge into one. When he opens to these energies, hears, sees and feels the messages of his soul.

About the magical power of music, movement, love, and space …

Music is an asset to the transformation of living and inanimate matter. It is a vibration, which besides a sound basis cares with also its content. Sound and music influence the human physical body, his feelings, mind and soul. Old civilizations were convinced that the music reflects space and that inside carries the power of healing. Music represents the most original language of mankind, and together with movement is the deepest and genuine shape of communication of living beings.

Katrinas with co-creators invites you to their story UNDER THE STARS.

The Herman Potočnik Noordung Center of space technologies
Center Noordung is dedicated to one of the pioneers of space science, Herman Potočnik Noordung. His 1929 book The Problem of Space Travel – the Rocket Engine was an inspiration to many scientists in the development of space technologies. Center Noordung is located in Vitanje. [_Read more_]