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K.E. Ciolkovski
Russian genius

Welcome to the presentation and conversation about the life of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (Konstantin Edvardovič Ciolkovski).

DATE: Friday, 18. September 2020
LOCATION: Center Noordung, Na vasi 18, 3205 Vitanje
TIME: 18:30
REGISTRATION (mandatory):, 040 300 052
ENTRY: free


E. K. Ciolkovski is a great Russian mathematician, physicist, aviation and rocket constructor, engineer, pedagogue and writer. We will be lead through the life and work of great thinker by Tatjana Tomažin Dakič, who for several year amateur explores the theme of Russian cosmism, which also includes the remarkable Tsiolkovsky. She focuses in particular on the personal qualities and general life situations of the creators of cosmism, their progressive ideas for the benefit of manking, and philosophical views. Her research will be available next year in the form of a book on Russian cosmism of for the general public.


On the event we will touch the following content:

  • Biography and autobiography by life periods and places of operation
  • Scientific achievements
  • Russsian cosmism
  • Works of K.E. Ciolkovski

For more dynamic happening, they will take care by including archival video contributions, photographs, graphics, as well as aphorisms and poems, letters and excerpts from his work (On the Moon, The story for grandchild Aljoša, Outside the Earth, Specialities from my life, Cosmic Philosophy, Scientific Ethics, …)

Special guest Kuzmin Lev Valentinovič (electrical engineer, specialist in designing antennas for space devices, who worked in the space industry for many years.

We look forward to your questions, comments and dialogue during and after the presentation.



  • 18.30 – lecture and conversation
  • 20.00 – socializing
  • 21.00 – the look into the sky