Event Details

Guide tour
Caution, electricity!

DATE: 5. April
TIME: 10:00 – 13:00
LOCATION: Technical museum of Slovenia, Bistra 6, 1353 Borovnica


We will present you the selected museum exhibits in the field of electrical engineering and the design of the renewed electrical department, where we set up a new exhibition Caution, electricity!

At the exhibition you will learn about the history of electrification in Slovenia and everything about the basics of electricity. In addition to the already known exhibits that were in sight earlier (from the Ljubljana City Power Station and Born Hydroelectric Power Plant), the exhibition was supplemented with practical demonstrations that attempt to explain the basics of electricity (electric force, magnetic field, electric circuit, magnetic field around the conductor, electromagnetic induction …) and interactive screens with interesting content (quiz, photo documentation, graphic representations). At one of these, the very beginnings of electrification in Slovenia will be presented with the emphasis on hydropower.

With the help of screens, we will be able to upgrade the exhibition with current contents from the field of operation of Slovenian hydroelectric power plants.

You can join the guided tour with the purchase of a museum ticket.