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Baška grapa event


DAY OF THE EVENT: Sunday, 20.11.2022
LOCATION OF THE EVENT: Stržišče / Baška grapa – Bača pri Podbrdu
TIME: 14:30
CONTACT: +386 41 601 248,

After three years, the Cultural and Technical Tourist Association Baška Dediščina (KTT DBD) invites you to Baška Grapa in the village of Bača pri Podbrdo, where the traditional village festival Pasljedn’ca will take place on Sunday, November 20, 2022 at 2:30 p.m.

After the Holy Mass in the Church of St. Lenart there will be a gathering at the old dairy. The cultural program will be designed by SOCIETY MEMBERS and honorary society member STANKA GOLOB. Folk singers from the RAZOR FOLK GROUP will enrich it with singing. In the cultural program, we will remember the 10th anniversary of the Monument to the Mother of the Hill (life-size sand painting by Stanka Golob) and present the info board by Petr Kusterla, which we put up during the corona epidemic in 2020. Both stories were placed by the association at the location where they meet the mountain paths and the Julian path, which passes through the village of Bača pri Podbrdu. The society has thus added another big stone in the placement of local stories for locals and hikers visiting Baška grapa.

On the last Sunday of the church calendar year, in Bača pri Podbrdu we celebrate the village festival Paslejdn’ca. KTT Association Baška dediščina, in cooperation with emigrants, strives for the holiday to acquire its former lively image from year to year. On this day, relatives came to visit, and after the mass they gathered at relatives’ homes and those from distant places also slept over. The village always awaited them thoroughly cleaned; the houses smelled of home-made goodies.

On September 16, 2012, the KTT Baška dediščina Society erected a Monument to the Mother of the Hill. It was made as a sand painting by the painter Stanka Golob. She depicted a woman – a mother, who goes to work with the indispensable basket on her back. With its communication and nobility, she symbolizes the hill mothers, who with inhuman toil in steep fields and even steeper, even several hours’ walk away, toil, loved and hated, but preserved many homesteads and its lineage to the present day. Their stories are evidenced by the verses of the local folk poet Marjuča Volf written on the plaque: “…they carried a double load, a basket on their back, and the call of life under their heart…”.