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Space observation
Perseid meteor

Welcome to the observation of the Perseid meteor swarm from the roof of the Noordung center.

DATE: Wednesday, 12. August 2020
LOCATION: Center Noordung, Na vasi 18, 3205 Vitanje
TIME: 20:00
INFO: info@center-noordung.si
REGISTRATION (mandatory) info@center-noordung.si, 040 300 052


In August we will see a Perseid meteor shower. Perseids are meteors that can be seen from the middle of July and until the end of August. They reach their peak on August 12, and at that time we can see more than 60 meteors per hour. The activity of the swarm starts in the evening and the principle strongly grows after 11 pm. The middle speed of the meteor is around 59 km/s, that is why they can be seen just for a short time. The meteor shower is a natural phenomenon at which Earth’s orbit passes the belt of particles that were left behind by comets. When these particles fly through high layers (above 80 km) of Earth’s atmosphere, they glow and leave paths behind them. For relaxed viewing the meteors and comfortable accommodation, we suggest that you bring a blanket with you or a pillow and picnic basket. Observation will be diversified with observation through a telescope.



  • 20.00 – guided tour of exhibitions (price: 10€/person)
  • 21.00 – observation from the roof of Noordun center (free entry)
  • Additional option: VR Noordung and VR Electra (flight simulator) (payable)