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This event finished on 31 January 2020

Children in space center

Into space with company SkyLabs. In collaboration with SkyLabs, the Noordung Center invites you to the exhibition “Into space with company SkyLabs”, which will show the potencial and opportunities of future space exploration.

DATE: 23. December 2019 – 31. January 2020
LOCATION: Center of space technologies Noordung, Vitanje
TIME: in time of opening hours


The development of SkyLaby technologies will be viewed within the exhibition by segments. This will give you more insight into the TRISAT satellite, key subsystems of satellite platforms, artificial intelligence on board and the prototype of self-propelled robot SARA. Models of TRISAT and self-propelled robot SARA in scale 1:1 will be on display.

The exhibition will be open for visitors from 23.12.2019, and in January they will hold additional expert lectures withing the exhibition. The exhibition will be on display until end of January 2020.

SkyLabs is a young innovative company that began commercializing their space technology in the year 2016. The company has developed a key European technology, a small processor called PiscoSkyFT, which makes it more affordable when designing the electronic subsystems for satellite platforms for next generations. It is a processor with the ability to reliably operate in extreme conditions, such as space. PicoSkyFT processor was evaluated by the European Space Agency (ESA), and it mirrors European technological independence and represents basis for building of robust and highly reliable systems for security-critical applications in various industries such as: aerospace, avitation, defense, nuclear industry, medicine and autmotive industry.

Today SkyLabs has in his portfolio their own satellite platform called NANOsky I, consisting of a plethora of electronic sub-systems, built around a PicoSkyFT processor. The platform will be used on first Slovenian nanosatellite TRISAT. For the purpose of mission TRISAT, will be beside taking the photos of Earth’s surface in the shortwave infrared spectrum, the testing of the robustness of space electronic that was maunfactured by company SkyLabs. The durability and reliability of commercial electronic in currently the biggest challenge of the aerospace industry. The TRISAT’s robust and reliable design, along with the cost-effectiveness, provides guidance for the development of the next generation of nano-satellites.