Event Details

15th Teran holiday
In the heart of Teran land

15th holiday in The heart of Teran land will happen on the last Saturday in May. Who will you cheer up with unforgettable Saturday on Karst?




– Circular path through the vineyards In the heart of Teran land. Guided by Martin Bizjak.

Description of the hike:
We will gather on parking lot in village Tomaj, on the meadow in front of Kosovel homestead. Scheduled departure is at 11. o’clock.

Route of the hike: From Tomaj along Kosovel path towards village Križ, through the village towards church of St. Anton, and then toward Šepulje to the oldest Refošk vine at Turk’s homestead. Then back to Tomaj to the church of St. Peter and Pavel, through the village towards the location of the event on tourist farm Škerlj.

The hike will be without stops, as at the end everyone will get snacks on farm Petelin – Rogelja, before the finish.

Expected time of the hike: 1.30 – 1.45 hours. The path is not difficult, but still we recommend suitable footwear, some liquid and headgear as a protection against the sun. Participation is at your own risk.


– in village Tomaj, on the yard of Tourist farm Škerlj.

  • welcome speech by president of LC Tomaj Ben Trampuš, mayor of municipality Sežana David Škrabar
  • performance of CS Karst accordion
  • speech by Teran queen Tinkara Gulič and Slovenian Order of Knights of wine and European Order of Knights of wine
  • Performance of singing ensemble in costumes accompanied by accordion Glas z Vrhov, Development Society Vrh
  • proclamation of winning wine and knight wine among open homesteads In the heart of Teran land
  • awards for long-term sponsor of the event

The program connects Iztok Gustinčič.


At the same time you can taste and see:

In village Tomaj:

  • Stands on the market: Girls with lavender – Girls from Karst, mmm Beatrice – small culinary witchcrafts, stand with jewelry
  • At farm Petelin – Roglja: stand of coexistance of chocolate and Teran liqueur from chocolate shop Rustika, painting exhibition of Jasmina Rojc and old games and unique rocks from Jelena uršič
  • At farm Škerlj: presentation of Kalinie – unique handmage handbags from Anja Škerlj
  • At farm Žerjal: degustation of cheese and other products from goat milk, degustation of meat products from Krškopolje pigs and possible viewing of goat on pasture
  • At homestead Šonc: presentation of company Agroservis Voda and promotion presentation of project LAS from Karst and Brkini – Local is healthy

In village Križ:

  • At farm Bole: exhibition of various handmade works from Andreja Pavletič (products from lavender, jewelry, knitted and crocheted products, paintings on the wood, glass and canvas), stand of products from Karst stone from Katja Juren and accordion player Marko Vouk
  • At farm Pipan: stand with pickled vegetables MaQfino
Specials of this years event:
-> Open courtyard of Tončin homestead in Križ with
—-o At 16.30 folk singing – Slovenian and Trieste national songs with accordion player Grozdan Rener
—-o At 18.00 – impressions of old and today’s Karst culinary with experienced local housewives

-> In Križ at Starč – Tavčar
—-o At 15.00 – presentation of book Karst-Križ rights, which were gathered, edited and written by Jasna Majda Peršolja with the accompanying theater Kamišibaj and illustrations from Tanja Samec
—-o Presentation of oldtimer from Littoral Club of lover of old motor vehicles Ballila and traveling ice cream Mihjwc – Jan Birsa

16.15 KRIŽ AT STARČ – TAVČAR workshop Teran in company of dry meat under the leadership of enologist Boštjan Zidar and dr. Stanislav Renčelj

18.00 KRIŽ AT STARČ – TAVČAR male singing choir Karst home Repen

20.00 IN THE HALL IN TOMAJ finishing concert of ensemble Ikebana, which will be present already in the afternoon during open trellis

In time of the event you can:

  • See Kosovel homestead in Tomaj between hours 14.00 – 17.00
  • Visit grave of Srečko Kosovel in Tomaj cemetery
  • Walk along Kosovel path
  • See both Tomaj churches: church of St. Peter and Pavel and chuch of St. Mary between hours 14.00 – 17.00
  • See church St. Cross in Križ between hours 14.00 – 15.30
  • In Inn Tomaj and Snack bar Štoka in Križ eat yota at a good price