11th hike along Bevk path from Hudajužna to Zakojca

Event Details

Traditional hike
Bevk’s homestead in Zakojca

»There was not a lot of black bread, there was no talk about white, except twice a year. If a slice of it fall on the floor, we had to pick it up with respect and kiss it. After each baptism, the cakes rained into the house. According to old custom, they brought white bread from godmother, then from godfather, at last, came both married mother’s sisters with buskets, in which were, along with side cake for mother, also the loaves for each child. We thought that feast is coming right after next.« (Astonished eyes, France Bevk)

DAY OF THE EVENT: 19. September 2021
LOCATION OF THE EVENT: Hudajužna (Baška grapa, start on the terrace of bar Zver or Home of the locals)
TIME: 9:30
INFO: 041 601 248, ktt.dbd@gmail.com


KKT Society Baška heritage this year for the 11th time participates in the organization of hike along Bevk path, which happens annually in the frame of Bevk’s days. This year, for the first time, the hike will start along with the renewed information board next to the Home of the locals in Hudajužna. Each visitor will be able to, cost-free, see the Bevk’s homestead in Zakojca with cultural program and get the Bevk’s launch at tourist farm Pri Flandru. Hikers will receive informational paper and through the reading of Bevk’s word, they will meet literary heroes and their stories. At the end of the year 2020, right on the 10th anniversary of the entry into the company of heritage events, the society was delighted with the special document, with which ZVKDS for the first time confirmed its participation at DEKD, thus speed up endeavors for the development of Literature-Cultural tourism in Baška grapa. The hike is included in the Days of European cultural heritage, which this year’s theme is »Bon Appetit!«, and in the festival of hiking Valley of Soča. In the frame of the hike, we will also represent a new promotion flyer Hike along Bevk path, which is co-financed by municipality Tolmin.

Courageously on the road!


The hikers will arrive at the Bevk’s homestead in Zakojca from three directions:

    • 9.30 – Hudajužna (Baška grapa, start on the terrace of bar Zver or Home of the locals) with stops, at which we will read from Bevk’s sketch, we will reach the finish in an hour and a half
    • 5.00 – Cerkno – Porezen – Zakojca
    • 8.00 – Cerkno – Zakriž – Vrh Ravni – Zakojca



  • 9.30 – the start of the hike from Hudajužna
  • 10.00 -17.00 the Day of open doors of Bevk’s homestead / Zakojca
  • 12.00 – Cultural program with solemn speaker
  • 13.00 – Bevk’s lunch
  • 15.00 – Presentation of a documentary movie about the renovation of Volar’s furnace


Bevk was born on September 17th, 1890, he died on his 80th birthday in the year 1970. On this anniversary, every third weekend in September, a set of events with the name Bevk’s days starts. Each year they finish at Bevk’s homestead in Zakojca in the frame of Day of open doors. That day is traditionally organized by many hikers to hike from Hudajužna and Cerkno.

All activities will run following valid measures to prevent the spread of the covid virus. We ask all visitors to follow the instruction of organizers consistently and to act responsibly.