Don’t cry, Peter

The scene from the movie
The scene from the movie

The movie titled Don’t cry, Peter (si. Ne joči, Peter) is a Slovenian war movie, released on November 17th 1964, director of which is France Štiglic. The movie talks about honorable assignment of two Partisan combat engineers. Their task is to take three war orphan children away from dangerous area to the liberation land. At the beginning combat engineers do not have a good opinion about their assignment, as they expected bigger action. But later they make friends with them, especially with the youngest one, Peter. Exactly he is later guilty for all humoristic scenes, he cries several times and makes stupidities. During the mission, they found a German war house by accident, which they blew up. The movie was shoot on Primorska – in Podnanos, Štanjel and Vipava.


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France Štiglič
France Štiglič is Slovenian movie director and screenwriter, who was born on November 12th, 1919 in Kranj, he died on May 4th, 1993 in Ljubljana. He was also NLS partisan and journalist, in Ljubljana, he studied law. After the war, he was among the leading organizers of the movie industry in Slovenia. [_Read more_]