Day of Slovenian flag


April 7th is the day of Slovenian flag, it is a day, when in year 1848 Slovenian patriotic student Lovro Toman with adherents hanged Slovenian tricolor in Wolfova street 8 in Ljubljana for the fist time. He did that as an answer to hanging of German flag on the tower of Ljubljana castle, which wad done by German members of National guard. The purpose of hanging of Slovenian flag and annual celebration is to preserve Slovenian national identity.

Slovenian national flag, white-blue-red tricolor, is recogniced in year 1848, in time of national rebirth. At that time Slovenians determine Slovenian colors based on colors from coat of arms of Carniola province and suggested them for approval to that time Austrian administration. On September 23rd 1848 the Ministry for internal affairs, the colors, which were already specified by emperor Ferdinand in year 1836, were confirmed. It was hanged for the first time by Slovenian students in Vienna on March 1848, for the time of revolucionary struggle. In Ljubljana, it was hanged for the first time on the building of Inn Zlata riba (en. Golden fish) on April 7th 1848.

The ceremony on the day of flag was held for the first time on April 7th 1998 by Society Heraldica Slovenica, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of hanging of Slovenian flag. From that day onward, the ceremony is held annually on the first Sunday after April 7th.


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