Anton Trstenjak

Anton Trstenjak

Anton Trstenjak was a Slovenian anthropologist, psychologist and theologian, who was born on January 8th 1906 in Rodmošci near Gornja Radgona, he died on September 29th 1996 in Ljubljana. He was the son of a respectable farmer Janez and hearted mother Marija. Between years 1918 and 1926 he attended secondary school in Maribor, he continued his study in the University in Innsbruck and in year 1929 got his Ph.D. in psychology, and in year 1933 also in theology. In year 1931 he was ordained to a priest. In year 1935 and 1937 he was improving his knowledge in Paris, he specialized in experimental psychology at A. Gemelli in Milano (1941/42). Between year 1934 and 1939 he was a catechist at the secondary school in Maribor, as professor of psychology at the High theological school in Maribor in year 1939/40. From this year on, up to his retirement in year 1973, he was a professor of philosophy and psychology at the Theological faculty in Ljubljana.

From year 1953 he was a regular member of the International Association for Applied Psychology in Paris, from year 1979 he was a correspondence member and from year 1983 a regular member of SAZU, from year 1993 he was also a regular member of the European academy of sciences and arts in Salzburg, president and then honorary member of the Society of psychologists Slovenia, also a member of other science organisations at home and abroad. He got several high church, state and science decorations and recognitions for his professional work. In year 1974 he was named for Pope’s honorary prelate, in year 1983 he received Kidrič award and in year 1988 award of Avnoj. In year 1993 he was declared ambassador of science of Republic Slovenia, in year 1996 he received the golden honorary sign of freedom of Republic Slovenia, in year 1990 honorary Ph.D. from University in Maribor and in year 1994 from University in Ljubljana.

He is one of the most important contributors of European humanities thoughts of 20th century. In Slovenian and world science he wrote with his monumental science opus, which covers 89 book works, as well as more than 500 science discussions and professional articles.

Despite of all his live achievements Anton Trstenjak remained modest and at the same time nobly aristocratic. By nature he was sociable, socially sensitive and he always looked into the future positively. He had a deep and realistic sense, which was constant of his life, as well as his relationship to homeland and Slovenian nation. With his popular scientific books he got closer to the people. He was perfect consultant for worst life problems and supporter of philosophy ”human to the human human”.


He got his world recognition with detailed measurements of reaction times on individual colour, thereby he found out, that human motoric reactivity on colour stimuli is in connection with physical features of the colour. He found out, that reaction times on individual colour tones are moving in reverse proportion with their wavelengths. In a simpler way, warm colours agitate us quicker, cold colours soothe us.


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