3. Soča front

Two soldiers on a machine-gun

3. Soča front started on 18. October 1915 with joint offensive of Central forces as a help to ally Serbia, which found her self in front of defeat. Just because of this western allies, Britains and French, started to press on Italy to start the offensive against Austria-Hungary, thereby relieving the Balkan battlefield. It is a frontal attack between Adriatic sea and Rombon. In spite of this that Italian army was predominated, Cardona delayed the offensive as long as he could, as he knew that they are not capable of enforcing efficient offensive. At the end he had no other choice. The goal was Gorica, as the city represented perfect propaganda for Italian side. The plan was to enforce the offensive in two phases, in first they would occupy Plave and Doberdob plateau, at the same time they would break the key defensive line of southern part of Soča front. In second phase direct attack on Gorica would follow.

Attack from the ditches

They started the offensive on 18. October with three-day artillery bombardment between Krn and Adriatic sea. Here Italians use plane-bombers for the first time. In first attack the Italian army was successful, they manage to take over the Austrian ditches on Debela Griža and Mrzli vrh. But they could not hold the position for long, as Austrian army prepaired counterattack and drove them away to initial positions. In the next days attacks and counterattacks followed, as a result there were numerous casualties on both sides. In this offenisve Italians manage to take over only few Austrian ditches below Mrzli vrh above Tolmin and on Doberdob plateau. The attack from gangway at Plave on Banjščica plateau was unsuccessful, so gangway and Gorica stayed in the hands of defenders.

The offenisve ended on 4. November 1915, with very little progress of Italian forces, what was another fail by Italians. In Upper Posočje, at Plave, on Gorica gangway and Karst both sides recorded great losses. The attackers lost 67.998 soldiers, defenders 41.847.


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