20. September

travel-slovenia-rasica-burning-viewGermans burn down Rašica
On this day in year 1941 German army burns down village Rašica, as a revenge for Partisan attack on German car and the death of six passengers in it. Residents of the village were deported in Bosnia and Croatia. Rašica was the first village in Slovenia to be burned down. [_Read more_]

Matevž Ravnikar
On this day in year 1776 in Vače Matevž Ravnikar was born, also known under the names Raunicher Matteo, Matevsh Ravnikar, Matej Ravnikar and Matthseus Raunicher, a Slovenian Roman-Catholic priest and bishop. He died on 20. November 1845 in Trieste, that time Austrian empire. [_Read more_]