Snail of Višnja Gora


The snail, a model of tenacity and wisdom, has been the symbol of the town of Višnja Gora for centuries. Legend says that local lords found a wounded Venetian aristocrat, took him to their castle for care, and eventually he recovered. His grateful family brought expensive gifts all the way from Venice, including a golden cup shaped as a snail shell, decorated with precious stones. Town dignitaries would drink wine and make toasts from it on special occasions. But the valuable snail soon disappeared. They made a replica and chained it securely – but soon this too was lost. Today, only the legend of a chained snail remains.

The symbol of Višnja gora – snail
It is located infront of church St. Ana


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Višnja gora
Višnja Gora is a small town in Lower Carniola region, it is a seat of the local community of Višnja Gora. With preserved walls and the guard tower, named Pulfer turn, it is one of the most preserved Slovenian medieval settlements. On this area there was once a Roman military outpost called Magnisa. [_Read more_]